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From fitting tubes and chains to full custom builds and servicing, I can help. If you're not sure what you need, or can't see what you're looking for, then give me a call on 07850 650511.

Core Service £40

  • Visual inspection of the whole bicycle, including nuts and bolts, to check that it is safe and fit for use.

  • Gears checked and minor adjustments made as required.

  • Brakes inspected, checked for wear and minor adjustments made as required.

  • If the brakes require bleeding then there is an additional charge.

  • New brake blocks can be fitted if required (cost of parts not included).

  • Wheels inspected for trueness, spokes checked and hubs checked for play in the bearings.

  • Tyres checked for condition and inflated to correct pressure if required.

  • Bottom bracket checked for play and condition of bearings.

  • Headset checked for play and condition of bearings and adjusted if necessary.

  • Drive train checked for wear and lubricated – this includes chain rings, chain and cassette / freewheel.

  • Service check sheet completed and sent to you after the service. This will detail the work that has been completed and will give advice on any further work that may be needed on your bicycle.

  • The cost of any parts and labour to fit them is not included in this service.

  • If any additional work is required, I will discuss this with you and will always seek your permission before proceeding. The required parts and labour will be quoted to you and are in addition to the £40 service charge. 

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Wheel  Services

  • Wheel true from £10 per wheel

  • Tube replacement £15 including tube

  • Hub servicing from £15

  • Full wheel build £35 per wheel 


Brake and Gear Services

  • Cable Brake service: inspect for wear, clean pads, lubricate brake boss and set up (front and rear) £20

  • Brake service plus full inner and outer cables fitted (parts not included) £25       

  • Hydraulic brake service: inspect for wear, clean pads, align disc and bleed (per side) £25

  • Gear service. Inspect for wear and tear, lubricate and set up, including gear hanger alignment £20 

  • Gear service plus fit full inner and outer cables (parts not included)  £25

Drive train.jpg

Drive Train

  • Chain replacement £9

  • Cassette / Freewheel replacement £14

  • Chainset fitting £15

  • Chainring fitting from £10

  • Bottom bracket service / replacement £19

  • Chase and face bottom bracket £20



  • Fork fitting £27

  • Fork servicing from £35

  • Fit new linkage bearings from £45

Custom bike build £150

Your bike will be assembled using the correct assembly paste, grease and thread lock where required and all components torqued to the correct specifications.

Bike PDI £40

If you have bought a bike on the internet, I can take away the hassle and assemble if for you.

Please note that all prices exclude parts and my minimum workshop charge will be £25 - £35 depending on your location. This charge includes free collection and delivery of your bike.

Fitting of parts that you supply incurs an additional labour charge. This charge will depend upon the type of part and complexity of the work required.

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Free collection and return at a time and location convenient to you


07850 650511

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